Why is Brent Thompson Running?

Why send Brent Thompson to the U.S. Senate?

Senator Wyden has been pro-growth, and by favoring high levels of “economic opportunity” immigration these policies are ruining the country environmentally and livability wise.

It seems Senator Wyden ignores the reality that the US cannot grow by an average of 25 million people every ten years and preserve what we might hope to preserve.


Since Senator Wyden went to Washington DC as a Congressman in 1981, the US grew by more than 100 million people from 225 million people to 332 million people and Oregon by 1.6 million from about 2.6 to 4.2 million people or by 60%.  Senator Wyden seems to have no problem with that, but many others do—many of whom are Democrats and many of whom dwell in the 36% of the voters who remain unaffiliated in Oregon. 

What Senator Wyden and other “group think” Democrats ignore is that our traditional pro-growth and immigration policies have done nothing but inflict pain on the original inhabitants of the US, the Native Americans.   How has incessant fast growth preserved Native American hunting rights, fishing rights, water rights, their way of life, and their right to roam about or have access to lands that were traditionally theirs? 

Also ignored over the decades is the reality that large immigration numbers perpetuated the sidelining of African Americans.  Large numbers of people flowing into the country served to prevent African Americans from entering mainstream America as each successive wave of immigrants  elbowed African Americans out of the way from achieving full status. Thus, African Americans lagged behind in educational, health care, and employment opportunities. 

And everyone is increasingly subjected to traffic jams, teeming airports, unsightly resource wasting “sprawl growth”, water shortages, increased anonymity and alienation, and dilution of representation as the numbers in various voting districts increase.  And with additional heavy consuming Americans, again about 25 million more people every 10 years, there is no denying we exacerbate climate change and environmental losses.  So we have bemoaned our losses but continued to think it is ok to grow by 25 million people every 10 years.  At that pace the US will add 425 million more Americans in 175 years, the 175 years being the Seven Generations Native Americans reportedly tried to plan for.

As to environmental losses, one example is the loss of birds. It is estimated that from 1970 to 2019 the US lost 3 billion birds.  Also lost were trillions of insects from habitat depletion, chemicals, and from being splattered on the front of our estimated 264 million vehicles.  The World Almanac tells us that we have more than 800 vehicles for every 1000 people. Therefore, every time we add 1000 people we add more than 800 tire grinding, bug and bird splattering, road kill causing, fume spewing, and atmosphere heating vehicles.

With such evidence, why is continued growth ok? There are other reasons to run, for US Senator, but the goal of changing the collective self destructive perspective on the population growth that is ruining our country has to be the main one. 

Anyone who wants to read more about our being like frogs in a slowly heating pot as we hopelessly try to cope with the growth that many no longer want can visit the website AlternativesToGrowth.com.

No candidate but Brent Thompson is thinking Seven Generations ahead.  But that thinking is what is needed.

Stop Ron Wyden’s Californication of Oregon

Send Democrat BRENT THOMPSON to the U.S. SENATE.

Brent Thompson maintains fitness by being a “hands on” renovator.
Here he is working at his home on the Oregon Coast.